How can Route 2 Recording Studios save me money? Even though other options, such as home studios, seem cheaper at the beginning it may not only cost you more money but can waste a lot of creative time as well. At Route 2 we are experienced professionals with thousands of studio hours under our belt. We will help you get the particular sound you are looking for and will work with you to make sure the final product is satisfactory in the shortest amount of time.

Why should I book my next project with Route 2? Our unique and fun atmosphere is designed to help artists achieve their marquee sound and create confidently with top of the line vintage and modern gear. Whether you’re just starting out or are a seasoned professional think of us as your guide to a productive and innovative recording process.

Can I tour the studio and listen to samples? Absolutely. We encourage you to contact us to schedule an appointment so you can feel the environment and get a taste of projects we’ve worked on (maybe over some coffee?)

Can you mix my project or help my add tracks/overdub if I bring a session? Yes, we offer online or in person packages for this, please see our services tab. A lot of projects are sent to us just so we can pass the tracks through our vintage gear.

How do I book a session? Give us a call at +1(213)375-5462 or email us at contact@r2recording.com our great customer service will not leave you hanging!

When do I pay the deposit and balance?A $50 deposit is due when booking a session. The rest of the balance is due at the end of the session unless prior arrangements have been approved.

What are my payment options? Cash or major credit cards

What is your cancellation policy? You are free to cancel up to 48 hours before appointment (deposit forfeit after 48 hour mark to appointment is passed)

Are discounts available? Yes! Discounts are available to those reviewing their experience on Facebook and Yelp - ask your engineer during the session (discounts are available to each member of a band!)

Does the engineer get breaks? Yes, engineers get a 30 min meal break every 6 hours

How will I get my session data? Session data can be given to you as an AAF or OMF file, please allow time to backup your tracks to your hard drive at the end of a recording session

Can we bring food/drink to the studio? Yes, we have a break room where you can eat and store food in our mini fridge.

Can I use the studio drum kit? Yes of course!

How can I be better prepared for my session? Many great articles can be found by searching this question in google. Here is a great article from Disc Makers.

How many songs can I record in a 4 hr session? We’ve found in our experience that anything over 2 songs tends to seem rushed

Is mixing and mastering included? We do a rough mix at the end of a session for our clients but it is recommended to separate tracking/recording and mixing/mastering